Watch with Logo

Poljot-chronos watchmaking works with corporate clients, advertising agencies and wholesale partners. we offer a wide range of high quality watches with unique branded logos on the watch face and case cover. to achieve high results, we use the most modern equipment, work with Swiss dial paints and apply new personalization methods.


Such a gift is memorable. They keep it for many years, proudly show it to friends, pass it on to their children.

The Poljot-Chronos watch production is known among professionals as a manufacturer of gift watches with the customer's symbols. Advertising agencies and wholesalers from different regions of the country are attracted by the perfect combination of high quality products and low prices, and the end consumer is attracted by the traditional Russian watch design.

Printing with branded UV inks

UV printing technology

UV printing is a digital printing technology that allows you to apply bright and durable inks to any surface. The essence of the technology is UV-curable ink, which hardens under the influence of ultraviolet radiation at the moment it hits the surface. Any surface material is absolutely any: plastic, glass, plexiglass, metal, wood.

What can be done:

  • Plates, nameplates, diplomas and plaques, logo on the dial and much more
  • Clarity of application from 300 to 1440 dpi guarantees a perfect image on any surface

The size of the printing field is 400 mm, the maximum height is 150 mm. We print on everything.

Printed logo

The main and most popular way. It is applied by a printing method that guarantees high quality, while special high-tech inks are used, which makes the image durable. This method fundamentally differs from the primitive method of silk-screen printing in terms of image stability, clarity and the ability to combine an unlimited number of colors.

Production time from 7-15 working days.


Volumetric-relief image of the logo, made of metallized polymer material. Making a sticker is a complex galvanic process consisting of several stages. The sticker is a metal plate, at least 0.2 mm thick, on which gilding is applied, with a nickel sublayer. It is the thickness of the plate and its coating that marks the sticker from foil stamping, making it voluminous. Fastening the sticker on the product is ensured by applying glue with increased adhesion. It can be supplemented and combined with color printing. The difference of this method is low cost and original appearance.

Production time from 12-15 working days.

Stamped sign

This is a handmade piece of jewelry that has a very long and complex technological process. The badge can have a gold or silver coating, it can be decorated with a stone and complemented with colored inserts. The smaller the product and the more elegant the execution, the higher the value of the work of the master. An overlaid chased sign on the watch dial in the form of the organization's logo is an expensive and very prestigious personification.

Sign production time -45 working days.


This is the application of logos and inscriptions on metal, by laser engraving. Engraving on wood, plastic, glass is possible. Exclusive mechanical engraving is possible. Own technical base allows engraving, chasing and marking both on watches and on any products of the customer.

Production time from 1 working day.