How to properly care for your wristwatch

How to properly care for your wristwatch
16 February, 2024

A wristwatch is not just a piece of jewelry, but also a functional accessory that demonstrates the style and taste of its owner. Proper care of your wristwatch will help maintain its appearance and performance for many years. In this article we will tell you how to properly care for your wristwatch so that it always looks like new.

  1. Store your watch correctly. It is best to store wristwatches in a special box or casket to protect them from dust, moisture and mechanical damage. Avoid storing your watch near magnetic fields as this may affect the movement.
  2. Clean your watch regularly. To do this, simply use a soft, dry cloth or microfiber to remove dust and dirt from the case and bracelet. If necessary, you can also use a slightly damp cloth, but be sure to dry the watch afterwards.
  3. Pay attention to water resistance. If your watch is waterproof, check it periodically and update the protection as necessary. Remember that even waterproof watches are not recommended to be submerged in water or worn while showering.
  4. Keep the mechanism running. Wind your mechanical watches regularly to avoid stopping the movement. Battery watches require replacement of the battery after its service life has expired.

By following these simple rules, you can keep your watch in excellent condition for many years and enjoy its beauty and precision. Don’t forget to also contact professionals for regular maintenance and repairs so that your watch always keeps accurate time and pleases you with its performance.